Towage is your business. You operate under an increasingly competitive situation; margins are deteriorating while the demands to your fleet are increasing with larger cargovessel sizes. Consolidation in the market means your competitors are getting scale advantages. You're trying to run a highly efficient operation and occasionally look for opportunities to expand. LionRock Maritime can help you with both. Through cutting edge data technology we can give you immediate and unprecedented insight into towage businesses in any port in the world, including your own.


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Are you looking to expand your business into a new towage market or port?
Are you considering acquiring a competitor?
Are you bidding for new business?
Do you have the market intelligence you need to make these decisions in full confidence?

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Do you want to reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet?
Without investment in hardware or technical upgrades?
Instant, simple and proven (5% savings or more)!
Use our speed performance solution and ..

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LionRock Maritime to expand its operation into Latin America (20/07/2020)

LionRock Maritime helps harbor and terminal towage businesses to reduce fuel consumption by lowering sailing speeds during light sailing mode. The product has been tried and tested in around...

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A captain has to take responsibility for the profitable operation of the tug (26/06/2020)

Arnold: “Mob and Demob is where a tugboat uses most fuel during the day. Sailing speed during that time is one of the most important factors driving consumption. A captain has to take responsibility...

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NEWS: daily rePORT (19/07/2019)

Want to stay in sync with what is happening in your towage market? Want to know which ships your competitor is servicing, with how many tugs and how long it takes them? Get a daily...

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Visit LionRock Maritime at Tugnology '19 in Liverpool (07/05/2019)

Tugnology is a unique two day, no frills, in-depth conference concentrating on tugs, and tugs alone. The ground-breaking, innovative and thought-provoking papers presented at Tugnology provide...

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